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Tubing is back! Tog is still Central New York's place to ski and board for 60 years!


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Upcoming Events






01/04 Master Trax Program starts 9:30AM
01/07 NASTAR racing starts
01/10 Advanced Skiing Clinics begin
01/11 Master Trax 9:30AM
01/11 Wed Night Race League 7PM
01/18 Master Trax 9:30AM
01/18 Wed Night Race League 7PM
01/21 Colgate GS
01/21 Onondaga Ski Club Ski and Dinner
01/21 Middle Ages Brew Tasting at Foggy Goggle
01/22 Colgate SL
01/22 Tog Jr Racing Assn U16 U19
01/25 Master Trax 9:30AM
01/25 Wed Night Race League 7PM
01/30 Paint Night Foggy Goggle

02/15 Master Trax 9:30AM
02/15 Wed Night Race League 7PM
02/27 Paint Night Foggy Goggle

03/04 Onondaga Cup Race
03/04 Law Enforcement Day
03/05 Wed Night Race League Finals & Party
03/10 Peak Plunge Jump Bag 12-8
03/11 Peak Plunge Jump Bag 10-5
03/19 Pond Skim Contest 12:30

04/01 Snowmobile Hillclimb

Please check back as event schedule could change.