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technician tuning skis With our state-of-the-art tuning equipment, skis and boards get just the right edge for top performance.


technician buffing board Our state-of-the-art buffer/waxer makes the bottoms of boards and skis slide like new again.

Ski & Board Tuning

Don't wait days for your equipment tuning!
Our state-of-the-art tuning machines and certified staff put the right edges and the proper wax on your skis and snowboards. Protect your equipment with a tune up here at Toggenburg.


technician adjusting bindings technician adjusting binding


Ski Tuning Shop 2016-17 Prices
Sharpen / Hot Wax $32
Hot Wax only $18
Base Repair $20
Sharpen only $18
Adjust Bindings $10
All Binding Mounts $40
Nuts and Bolts $1/ea